Jr. Sous CHEF Bell Pepper Bruschetta Dip prepared from tomatoes ripening and dried in the Aegean Region with good agricultural practices does not contain preservatives, additives, and colorants. You will taste the sourish taste of bell peppers first, and then the sweet taste of tomatoes. No recipe for this taste. Try it. You'll love it.

Areas of use:

You can enjoy it as appetizing mezes at breakfast and snacks before dinner. You can also use it as an ingredient in your buns, savory buns, patties, toast, and hot and cold sandwiches.


190g Glass Jar


Black Olives 33%, Green Olives 22%, Olive Oil 18%, Dried Tomatoes 12%, Peppers 9%, Vegetable Oil 2%, Sea Salt 1.5%, Citric Acid 1%

Shelf Life:

2 Years as of Production Date